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Phase Genomics' Hi-C services are simple and fast. Just send us your raw tissue sample and you will receive complete chromosome-scale scaffolds and deconvoluted metagenomic assemblies.

Proximo™ scaffolding method

Phase Genomics’ Proximo™ Hi-C Scaffolding Service

The best solution on the market to create complete end-to-end chromosome-scale genome scaffolds—even from short-read assemblies–is our Proximo Hi-C scaffolding service. Its ability capture ultra-long genomic contiguity information from unbroken chromosomes enables researchers to answer questions difficult or impossible though other means, including structural variation, complex gene structure, gene linkage, gene regulation, and more. Learn more >


Phase Genomics’ ProxiMeta™ Hi-C Metagenomic Deconvolution Service

A true revolution in microbial research, out ProxiMeta Hi-C metagenome deconvolution service offers researchers the ability to obtain complete genomes for dozens or even hundreds of species and strains from a single raw environmental sample, no culturing required. Easy, affordable access to strain-level microbial genomes unlocks new avenues for research in infectious diseases and outbreaks, antibiotic discovery, diagnostics, novel trait identification and development, and numerous other fields. Learn more >


Get complete data with clear interpretations to quickly advance your research and publications. Our breadth of delivered data also enables researchers to explore future applications and make new discoveries hidden in every genome.

“We had tried all of these other genome assembly technologies. Then Phase Genomics used Proximo at the final step to make 9 complete scaffolds for 9 sugar beet chromosomes – exactly where I wanted to be. I almost fell off my chair when I saw it. It’s very exciting.”

– Prof. Mitch McGrath, Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences, Michigan State University


Results are available within 30 days from receipt of sample for most projects. Along with a FASTA files containing your results, you’ll receive publication-ready figures, statistics, and reports. Supporting metadata and raw chromatin conformation data (Hi-C read pairs) are also provided.

Biological samples can be solid tissue, cell pellets, or other minimally processed samples containing intact cells. Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee means we will keep working with you at no charge until you agree that your results are great.

Complete chromosome-scale scaffolds and deconvoluted metagenomic assemblies, along with a continuing commitment to personalized service without hidden costs.