Sample ProxiMeta Results

ProxiMeta delivers unparalleled results with a single uncultured sample

ProxiMeta Deconvolutes Human Fecal Sample

The below report is an example of the kind of results ProxiMeta can deliver. Shown are all the genomes it extracted from a single human fecal sample, including an estimate of the completeness level of the genome in terms of marker gene content, overrepresentation of marker genes in a genome (referred to as “contamination” by tools like CheckM), and the closest taxonomic identification of each genome. Beyond this report, ProxiMeta also places mobile genetic elements such as plasmids, assembles eukaryotic genomes (none were detected in this fecal sample), and can detect genetic sequences which appear to be shared in multiple species across the population.

You can read more about what ProxiMeta found by clicking the button below to read the paper which fully describes everything discovered from this sample.

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