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Phase Genomics' mission is to help scientists make breakthrough discoveries by providing the most complete, accurate, detailed genomes and metagenomes available from any technology.

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Phase Genomics Unveils a Hi-C Kit for Human Samples, Expanding Their Hi-C Product Portfolio

Phase Genomics Launches World’s First Commercial Hi-C Kits for Plants and Animals

With $1M in funding, Phase Genomics looks to crack genetic codes and discover unknown bacteria

Phase Genomics Announces Availability of Kit-based ProxiMeta™ Hi-C Metagenome Deconvolution

Phase Genomics Pushes Forward With Hi-C-Based Metagenome Deconvolution Kit, Service

Proximo Hi-C a "New technology to boost genome quality" in Science

ProxiMeta Hi-C Metagenome Deconvolution Now Available

Phyzen Partners To Distribute Phase Genomics’ Services in South Korea

Phase Genomics and Hi-C Scaffolding Featured in the Atlantic

Nature Genetics Publishes Most Contiguous Mammalian Genome Ever, Created with Proximo Hi-C

Phase Genomics Announces Proximo Hi-C Chromosome-Scale Genome Assembly Service

Proximo Hi-C Used to Create New Stickleback Reference

Customer Testimonials

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  • “We had tried all of these other genome assembly technologies. Then Phase Genomics used Proximo at the final step to make 9 complete scaffolds for 9 sugar beet chromosomes – exactly where I wanted to be. I almost fell off my chair when I saw it. It’s very exciting.”

    – Prof. Mitch McGrath, Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences, Michigan State University

    Michigan State University
  • "ProxiMeta Hi-C facilitates the cultivation-independent assembly of bacterial genomes present in complex microbial communities. Of particular interest is its potential to associate plasmids with their host genomes. Without having to culture individual isolates, ProxiMeta offers a new approach to examine the reservoirs of mobile genetic elements that carry genes of interest, such as toxin or antimicrobial resistance genes."

    Professor Eva Top, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Graduate Program Director at the University of Idaho

  • "The Phase Genomics team were definitely personally interested in our research. It wasn’t just a payment for service thing. They were genuinely interested in our results. It’s fun to work with people who are interested in the results."

    Catherine Peichel, Head of the Division of Evolutionary Ecology, University of Bern, Switzerland

  • “We saw similar [strong] results in our work with Phase Genomics on plants and look forward to publishing similar outcomes soon. The level of genome completeness and contiguity yielded by this technology has transformed how we view genome projects and has enabled us to ask new biological questions.”

    Prof. Jeff Maughan, Department of Plant & Wildlife Sciences, Brigham-Young University

  • "Phase Genomics' ProxiMeta Hi-C solution makes innovative use of Illumina reads to conduct metagenomic deconvolution and extract more complete sequence information from mixed microbiome samples. This technology promises to open many new metagenomic applications and we’re excited to see it come to market.”

    Gary Schroth, PhD, Vice President of Genomics Development and Distinguished Scientist for Illumina

Meet the Team

meet the team

Dedicated to delivering scientific excellence and attentive service. We genuinely care about your successful outcomes and are collaborative, flexible and uniquely qualified to deliver the most complete and accurate results.
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Executive Team

Ivan Liachko

Ivan Liachko

Founder & CEO

Dr. Liachko has received his Ph.D. at Cornell University in 2007 and has worked in the genetic/genomic research field for over 20 years. He has authored over 20 peer reviewed papers and created multiple patents specializing in the field of microbial genomics and synthetic biology. He is one of the original inventors of the Hi-C assembly and metagenomic deconvolution and has over a decade of experience in scientific management and mentorship. He has served as CEO of Phase Genomics since its founding in February 2015 and has led the company to a revenue-positive state with minimal external investment.

Phase Genomics
Shawn Sullivan

Shawn Sullivan

Founder & CTO

Mr. Sullivan has served as the CTO of Phase Genomics since its founding in 2015. He received his B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from MIT in 2006 and is a software industry veteran with 8 years of experience designing large-scale data processing and analysis systems, as well as leading software development teams as Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft. Prior to joining Phase Genomics, his achievements included redesigning the Microsoft Office build system, massively reducing latency, and co-inventing patents such as new hashing algorithms for performing fuzzy comparisons of binary files and forensic detection of application tampering. In addition to experience in the software industry, he has co-authored several genomics papers and developed computational tools for the analysis of chromatin structure, the most recent of which include his work on developing Hi-C methods for genome assembly.

Phase Genomics

Advisory Board

Jay Shendure

Jay Shendure, PhD

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Shendure is an Investigator of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Professor of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington. Dr. Shendure's 2005 PhD included one of the first successful demonstrations of massively parallel or next generation DNA sequencing. His research group in Seattle has made significant contributions to technologies including exome sequencing and its application to identify the basis of Mendelian disorders and autism spectrum disorders; genome-wide experimental haplotyping and its application to non-invasive whole genome sequencing of a human fetus; massively parallel reporter assays and saturation genome editing; combinatorial indexing for single cell analyses; and whole organism lineage tracing. He is the recipient of the 2012 Curt Stern Award from the American Society of Human Genetics, the 2013 FEDERAprijs, a 2013 NIH Director's Pioneer Award, and the 2014 HudsonAlpha Life Sciences Prize.

Phase Genomics
Maitreya Dunham

Maitreya Dunham, PhD

Co-Founder & Scientific Advisor

Dr. Dunham is a Fellow of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Associate Professor of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington. She specializes in developing and using high-throughput genomic technologies to study the consequences of genetic variation, from single nucleotide changes to whole extra chromosomes. She works primarily in yeast, but has expanded her research scope to also include human genetic variation and metagenomes. She has also consulted for biotech companies seeking to implement the new tools and methods developed in her lab. Maitreya got her BS in biology from MIT, her PhD in genetics with David Botstein at Stanford University, and started her lab as one of the first Lewis-Sigler Fellows at Princeton University before moving to UW Genome Sciences.

Phase Genomics
Elhanen Borenstein

Elhanan Borenstein, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Borenstein is an Associate Professor of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington, with an adjunct position in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He is also an external professor at the Santa Fe Institute for complexity science. Dr. Borenstein received his PhD in computer science from Tel-Aviv University, Israel, and held a joint postdoctoral fellowship at the Department of Biology in Stanford and at the Santa Fe Institute. He also has extensive professional experience in the hi-tech industry, where he held top management positions in several hi-tech companies. Dr. Borenstein integrates metagenomic data with methods inspired by systems biology, network theory, machine-learning, and statistical inference to develop a variety of computational methods for studying the human microbiome. His work focuses on reconstructing predictive, systems-level models of the human microbiome and on integrative, multi-metaomic analysis, aiming to provide a better principled understanding of the microbiome and its role in human health. Dr. Borenstein is the recipient of various awards including, most recently, the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship and the NIH New Innovator Award.

Phase Genomics
Andrew Adey

Andrew Adey, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Adey is an Assistant Professor of Molecular and Medical Genetics at Oregon Health and Science University and a member of the Knight Cardiovascular Institute. He completed his Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Washington and was a recipient of the Distinguished Dissertation Award and the Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award. Dr. Adey has spent his entire career in technology development in the area of high throughput genomics for which he has authored numerous publications and patents. After receiving his doctorate he formed his independent group at OHSU where his lab has focused on the development and deployment of high throughput single cell epigenetics technologies.

Phase Genomics
Ken Myer

Ken Myer

Business Advisor

Ken Myer has over 25 years of successful experience in the technology industry leading companies ranging in size from startups to Fortune 100. Ken currently serves as an interim executive and advisor to technology companies, particularly those undergoing leadership or organizational transition. He is also a Lecturer at the UW Foster School of Business, teaching classes on Leadership of High Performance Organizations and Technology Commercialization. Ken recently served interim executive roles at HydraMaster, Yapta.com, Data I/O and Tarmac24 and previously, Ken was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Washington Technology Industry Association, one of the largest regional technology trade associations in North America. Ken was Executive Vice President of publicly traded Active Voice Corporation and for fifteen years Ken held a variety of executive positions at IBM including General Manager of the Northwest and Intermountain Region, National Executive for the Computer Services Industries, and CFO IBM Northwest. Ken holds an MBA and M.A. from the University of Washington and is currently on the boards of AnswerDash and Forterra. He has been recognized as one of Seattle’s most influential business leaders by Seattle Magazine.

Phase Genomics
Todd Smith

Todd Smith, PhD

Business Advisor

Dr. Smith is a successful bioinformatics entrepreneur. After receiving his PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, he developed bioinformatics software as his team sequenced the BRCA1 gene under Leroy Hood in collaboration with Mary Claire-King. In 1997 he founded Geospiza and led the development of LIMS and high throughput data analysis systems for DNA sequencing and microarray technologies. PerkinElmer acquired Geospiza in 2011 and in 2013 Dr. Smith joined Digital World Biology. In 2015 Dr. Smith co-founded Koan AgroScience where he serves in the role of Chief Science and Technology Officer. Dr. Smith has published in multiple disciplines including chemistry, computer science, genetics/genomics, microbiology, human health, and education. Dr. Smith also serves as an entrepreneur mentor for the University of Washington’s CoMotion business incubator. In that role, he works with emerging businesses to perform market assessments for different technologies in genomics and bioinformatics.

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