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    Proximo Hi-C and ProxiMeta Hi-C

  • New Proximo™ Hi-C Kits

    Put the power of Hi-C in your hands


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    Our new Proximo Human Hi-C kit joins our Animal Hi-C and Plant Hi-C kits, bringing powerful Hi-C genome scaffolding and structural variant detection to your lab for cancer research, cell culture analysis, and more

  • ProxiMeta™ Hi-C

    Hundreds of genomes from a single uncultured sample


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    ProxiMeta Hi-C was used to deconvolute 50 reference-quality genomes from a single human gut sample including several new species, as well as associate plasmids with hosts

  • Proximo™ Hi-C

    Chromosome-scale, reference-quality genome assembly


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    Orphan crop Amaranth has a new chromosome-scale reference genome created by Proximo Hi-C genome scaffolding, now published in BMC Biology

Proximo™ scaffolding method

Proximo Hi-C Genome Scaffolding

Chromosome-scale, reference-quality genome assembly


What We Do

Phase Genomics offers
Hi-C kits and services that utilize the power of in vivo Hi-C to create the world's most complete genome and metagenome assemblies.

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Metagenomic Assembly

ProxiMeta Hi-C Metagenome Deconvolution

Hundreds of genomes from a single uncultured sample


Put the Power of Hi-C in your Hands

All our Hi-C kits go from sample to sequencer in a day
and have no HMW DNA extraction

ProxiMeta Hi-C Metagenome Deconvolution: Go Beyond 16S and Binning

  • Hundreds of de novo genomes from a single uncultured sample
  • Strain-level resolution, associates plasmids with hosts

Proximo Hi-C Genome Scaffolding: Chromosome Scale, Reference Quality

  • Create full chromosome scaffolds for almost any organism
  • Low input volumes, eliminates the need for genetic mapping

"The Phase Genomics team were definitely personally interested in our research. It wasn’t just a payment for service thing. They were genuinely interested in our results. It’s fun to work with people who are interested in the results."

– Dr. Catherine Peichel, Head of the Division of Evolutionary Ecology, University of Bern, Switzerland

Committed to your success

Committed to your success


Built for scale and speed, our Proximo Hi-C genome scaffolding and ProxiMeta Hi-C metagenome deconvolution platforms enable you to get unparalleled results quickly. Most service projects are complete in under 30 days, and our rapid Hi-C kit plus powerful cloud-based software let you get results in your own lab almost as fast as you can sequence them.


Because our advanced Hi-C protocol captures proximity information in vivo, your genomic information retains biological and temporal context, allowing you to assess DNA associations within the intact cell. This structural information is a powerful new complement to other sequence-based genomic tools, enabling you to make new discoveries difficult to achieve any other way.

Phase genomics saves you time, effort, and money

We've spent years developing the most advanced Hi-C protocol and bioinformatics software available, giving you access to proven, robust, efficient methods for less money. Notoriously tricky in the lab, we've made Hi-C simple, easy, and fast to perform. From researchers who want chromosome-scale genomes on limited budgets to corporations performing genomic analyses at scale, we make it easier and cheaper than ever to obtain powerful genomic data.


Our patent-pending protocol requires no reference genome and works on any raw sample containing intact cells, including field samples. This process eliminates the need to extract high-molecular-weight DNA, and requires no culturing or other special sample preparation procedures. Our method is robust to small sample inputs with flexible requirements, and works on a variety of organisms, tissue types, and raw microbiome samples.

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