Spotlight on Hi-C in Science: New Technologies Boost Genome Quality

Science writer, Elizabeth Pennisi, outlines available genomics technologies that are helping researchers improve genome assemblies with a focus on Hi-C’s ability to bring genome assembly to the chromosome-scale.

This article, by Elizabeth Pennisi, focuses on how new technologies are making genome quality much better.  Long-reads, optical maps, and Hi-C data are being synergistically applied to improve modern genome assemblies including goat (Dr. Tim Smith), humming bird (Dr. Eric Jarvis), maize, and more.  Importantly, Hi-C provides the finishing touch to these genomes, by providing ultra-long contiguity information that can scaffold entire chromosomes. We, at Phase Genomics, are glad researchers have chosen Proximo Hi-C to scaffold the goat, hummingbird, and hundreds of other assemblies into contiguous chromosome-scale reference genomes.


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