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Spotlight on Hi-C in The Atlantic: The Game-Changing Technique That Cracked the Zika-Mosquito Genome

One of the most prolific science writers, Ed Yong, profiles how Hi-C sequencing technologies can make genome assembly easier and more cost-effective than ever before. 

Science writer Ed Yong covers the narrative on the researchers’ tackling the disease carrying Aedes aegypti genome, and how Hi-C “knitted” the genome from 36,000 pieces into complete and contiguous chromosomes. Yong points out that the completed genome will not only help scientists better understand the biology of the mosquito at a much deeper level, but it also marks a technological pivot in genomics: Hi-C makes genome assembly cheaper, more accurate and faster than ever before. Also, mentioned in the article: our collaborator, Dr. Catherine Piechel’s newly published three-spine stickleback genome, and Dr. Erich Jarvis’s hummingbird were also cited as examples of the power of Proximo Hi-C scaffolding.


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